The Blazer Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car

Tha BlazerHere is a bluetooth controlled robot car called The Blazer. This project started off as a class project at my college in Spring 2011. It was a plain robot car that was controlled with a wired remote so I thought I’d take it to the next level. For AVR version, visit It’s a similar project but it uses AVR MCU instead. This uses PIC.

I used a PIC16F887 microcontroller and an android app called BlueControl. The chassis was built with aluminum plates. It used to be run with a 6x AA rechargeable batteries but when the motors drained the batteries the microcontroller couldn’t function well so I switched to a 9v battery. I etched and built a battery charger and a L298N motor driver (you can buy one here) and a motor driver interface board as part of my class project for this robot. The motor driver interface board one input logic and converts it into two output logics. So instead of sending 1 to PIN4 and PIN5 to run motors forward, I can just send a 1 to PIN4 to the interface board and that will send 1 to both motors to run forward.


The robot is powered with a 9v battery which runs the motors directly with the motor driver board. The microcontroller and bluetooth module and other +5 volts required components are powered from the +5v out on the motor driver. The controls are sent from android application or BT Robot Controller that I built just to give the Blazer robot an advanced controls. The bluetooth module receives the control and then sends it to the microcontroller through the UART I/O. Then the microcontroller (MCU) see what control was received and then perform the tasks thats called by the control. (Read ‘Controls’ section for more details). For instance, if “U” is received it sends it to the MCU and then the MCU recognizes it that “U” means send a logic 1 to the forward pin which then drives the motors forward.


BT Robot Controller

U – forward (Up Arrow)
D – backward (Down Arrow)
C – stop (center button)
L – left
R – right
F – flash head lights
N – stop flashing
a – head lights on
b – alarm
c – beep
d – police lights
e – head lights off
g – stop alarm
h – stop police lights
l – left spin
r – right spin

Video Preview


1. PIC16F887 Microcontroller or similar
2. Bluetooth SPP Module
3. Sharp Distance Sensor
4. L298N H-Bridge Motor Driver Board
5. 2 Motors
6. 1 Caster Wheels
7. High Power LED Lights (for headlights)
8. Buzzer
9. [OPTIONAL] Motor Interface Board (to drive both motors with one logic)
10. 6 AA Batteries/ 9V battery (for motors)
11. 5V power supply (for microcontroller)
12. On/Off Switch
13. LED (for power indication)
14. Lots of Wires
15. Robot Chasis






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  2. Majid Chilab says:

    Hello there, can I please grab your email, would like to ask you a couple of questions about. I’m trying to build something like this but need some questions answered beforehand. Thanks

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